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I am a very outgoing person. I like to go out and have fun. I go to hardcore shows on the weekends with my friends. I am also very artistic. I play a few instruements, I am a writer, and I am into fashion. I am currently a full time student, trying to be a writer. I would love to find someone who shares some of these passions with me. I like horror movies and anything gory. I find serial killers very interesting.

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Age 33 years old 18 - 29 yrs old
Location Tennessee,United States
Relationship status Single
Smoking habits
Nationality United States
Eye colour
Hair colour
Body type
Religion Catholic
Education level
Profession Construction / Craftsman

What I'm looking for

Tattoos, piercings, anything "scene". Someone who is into music, but please no country. Just someone who isn't selfish and wants to have fun. I am just trying to fill this thing up. Um, I like guys who are tall and I usually prefer darker hair. Blue eyes are always a plus. I'm not a religious person so I'd rather not be with someone who can't understand that or would pressure me into that. I have a mind of my own so I prefer to make my own orders at a resteraunt or anywhere really. I have a very dominant personality so I need a guy that can handle that in a girl.
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